Sten Torpan

Working as: Junior Researcher of Crisis Sociology at the Institute of Social Studies, University of Tartu, Estonia

Main research areas: crises; disasters; emergencies; crisis communication; false information; information disorder; risk research; simulations; serious games; vulnerability.

In BECID is involved with: analysis of fact-checking practices, regulations and vulnerable audiences (WP3); Developing updated training programs for fact-checkers, teachers and social media activists (WP4).

Everyday MIL-related survival tip for information disorders: Always think why do you trust an information source. There lies the key to your media literacy.

Relevant publications


Torpan, S., Hansson, S., Rhinard, M., Kazemekaityte, A., Jukarainen, P., Meyer, S. F., … & Orru, K. (2021). Handling false information in emergency management: A cross-national comparative study of European practices. International journal of disaster risk reduction, 57, 102151.