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Monthly fact-checking brief no. 21 is out

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Maia Klaassen: “Turbulent histories have made the Balts more resilient to propaganda but we are not magically immune to disinformation!”


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Here you will find the latest media and digital literacy teaching materials created by BECID’s media experts.



Webinar “From Disinformation to Information Resilience” on March 31 (Baltics)

Media Literacy Trainings for teachers on April 11 (Lithuania)

BFM Media Literacy Training for Teachers on April 13-14 and May 2 (Estonia)

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Got any ideas? Want to collaborate? Invite BECID media experts to your event? We are happy to hear from you! Drop us an e-mail: andra.siibak@ut.ee (principle investigator), maia.klaassen@ut.ee (project manager), inger.klesment@ut.ee (communication specialist)